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an anniversary

The other day, while I was working, a thought occurred to me out of the blue that made me look up in shock at the calendar: I missed my one year anniversary of working entirely for myself! I always thought that would be a milestone I’d be looking towards impatiently and I completely missed it!  [...]

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time and motion pt 2: concentrated working

After talking about my ways of procrastinating in Part 1 of time and motion and how I’m trying to tackle them, I thought I’d take part 2 to write about how I’m trying to work smarter. My idea behind working smarter is getting as much accomplished in the working hours I have, with as much [...]

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time and motion, part 1: procrastination

Last Friday I mentioned that time had been on my mind a lot lately.  Like most people who run a small business, I never seem to have enough time.  The biggest struggle I have is balancing design work with administrative details.  I’m also a first class procrastinator when it comes to certain things. Now, while [...]

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friday few: talk, time and motion

Last weeks’ Friday Few got skipped over mainly because it was a busy week but, I’ll do my best to make up for it this week! getting the most out of social media One of the posts planned for the Artist’s On-line Series is on how to use social media (like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook) [...]

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