I’ve often considered the end of Labour Day Weekend to be the real New Year.   I’ve never been able to shake that feeling I always had as a kid that with the beginning of the school year, everything was starting off fresh and new.

And that is why we chose the first day of school as the day to finally launch the new Fine Lime Designs website and blog.   A fresh start, so to speak, even with fall fast approaching.

We hope this will see us continuing our existing client relationships, all of whom we’ve had so much fun working with, as well as forging some exciting new ones!

The two key components we’re most excited about are the Resources section, where we hope to continually add useful information for small businesses looking to increase their web presence, and this blog.  The blog’s main focus will be on running a small business in general (and because it’s our blog, we may delve off into the odd post about photography or tech gadgets) and we hope to recruit some of the very talented small business people we know to write occasional guest columns and share their expertise!

For those who are curious, the site is a traditional XHTML/CSS website using jQuery to achieve the nifty portfolio effect.  The blog is published with WordPress and incorporated using our own custom designed template so it would appear to have seamless integration with the rest of the site.  The site itself is not a WordPress site.

We’d also like to send a quick shout out and a shameless plug to our great hosting partner, dazil internet services, for all their help in getting us set up, and to one of my bestest chums, Michelle – the queen of the comma, for proofing (and reproofing and then more reproofing!) all our content.

So, on behalf of myself, Victor and Luke, we’d like to offer up a New Year’s toast to welcome you all!  Cheers!