the “positively helpfuls”

In my last post I began writing about the importance of building up a support network and surrounding yourself with the right people when you run your own business.

Continuing in that vein, today I’m moving on to the “positively helpfuls”. It sounds funny but I call them that because it’s exactly what they are: positive, helpful people.

My group of ‘PHs’ is made up of unofficial mentors, fellow business owners and freelancers, and service providers. They all share the same valuable traits:

  • positive attitudes: I don’t mean they’re Pollyannas. But they know how to find the positive and they don’t dwell on the negative. They turn mistakes into a learning opportunity and find ways to take something good from a bad situation.
  • generous: they’re generous with their time (a valuable commodity), their knowledge and their experience and are happy to help out a newbie.
  • patient: they’re patient with me! Patient with my constant questions and my mistakes (which hopefully are not as constant!)
  • passionate: they are passionate about what they do and they let it shine through. Being around passionate people can be one of the biggest motivators you’ll ever come across – and it’s infectious.
  • honest: they’ll give you an honest opinion and constructive criticism. It may not be what you want to hear but if you value their opinion and respect them and the way they conduct their business (and if you don’t, why are they one of your PHs?) then you should listen. You don’t have to agree but if you take the time to listen to what they are saying, you may learn something valuable.

These people can be some of the most valuable members of your network. They’re as excited about seeing you succeed as they are about their own success.

PHs can be a huge source of inspiration and can push you to a higher level. Build up a small group that you trust and respect and can go to when you need advice or a shot of inspiration.

***But remember, it should always be a two way street: be generous with your time and support of them and their endeavors as well. Become a mentor, official or unofficial, to somebody else just starting out and introduce them to your group of PHs. It will energize you as much as it does them!

Next up: Losing Negativity