twitter backgrounds

Do you tweet? Is your business making use of the great networking abilities and the opportunity to interact with your clients and vendors that twitter provides?

twitter logoIf so, are you still using one of those rather boring twitter default backgrounds that everyone else is using?  If you just nodded ‘yes’, you’re doing your business a big disservice.  Twitter backgrounds can be highly customized to mirror your company’s brand identity.  Your profile’s background is a blank canvas waiting to be turned into a billboard for your business!

Think of it this way – how much would you pay for an ad in a newpaper, the yellow pages, or on-line?  $200?  $300?  Probably more than that.  And if the ad was in colour?  How much did your last box of business cards cost?

Twitter is free and that background space is valuable real estate where you can tell all visitors to your profile a lot more about your company.  At the very least, you should customize it with your company logo but with a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

Interested?  We offer custom twitter backgrounds for $75.  But stay tuned! Coming soon we’ll be giving away a free custom twitter design to one lucky reader.  But you’ll have to read the blog to enter!

And of course (yes, this is a shameless plug – but you have to promote your business!), if you aren’t already, make sure you’re following us!