our newest member

22-365 Who MeWe have a new member to our team! I may have mentioned him before. He’s very smart, full of energy, a real go getter, anything you throw out there for him he’ll grab on to and really sink his teeth into it.  He gets along great with his co-workers and has a tiny crush on Victor (but I know his heart belongs to me). I, for one, think he’s pretty cute.

Spammy Sammy is a 15 week old yellow lab pup and he is my shadow. He loves being wherever I go and has a fascination for shoes – particularly my Chucks.  He tolerates my laptop as long as he’s allowed to take a peek at the screen and step all over the keyboard from time to time.  But he hates the camera.  This is a miracle shot and I probably only got it because he knows he’s not allowed to touch my shoes and he was waiting to see if I’d freak out at him!

Sam’s a pretty important member of our team because he is responsible for my sanity on those crazy days when a million things are happening.  So far, he’s doing pretty well at his new job!

Lots more coming (not of Sam – although I’m sure the odd picture of him will pop up from time to time) in the next few days so stay tuned!