It’s been a few weeks since we had a Friday Few due to the holidays but it’s time to get back in the groove.

on the bookshelf

So how’s your list of reading material to help you grow your business, your skills or your inspiration shaping up for 2010? Mine is, as always, ridiculously long and unachievable but first up are Chris Orwig’s Visual Poetry (inspiration), Joe McNally’s The Hot Shoe Diaries (skills), Pam Slim’s Escape From Cubicle Nation (business), Evelyn Jacks’ Make Sure it’s Deductible (business) and The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book (workflow/software). You can expect reviews of Cubicle Nation and Make Sure it’s Deductible here, and possibly a few of the others if I think they’re appropriate.

I’m curious what’s on everyone else’s list to please feel free to share in the comments – or leave suggestions for books you’ve already read..


Visionmongers is the latest book by Vancouver photographer David duChemin, and while I wouldn’t normally discuss a photography book here because it’s so specific to one creative field, I felt this was one was worth an exception.

Visionmongers explores the business side of being a self-employed photographer and while some of it is field specific, the vast majority of the advice and information can be applied to any creative field where you are working for yourself.

Duchemin covers everything from marketing and branding to utilizing social media and finances and his down to earth writing style is easy to read and absorb. It felt like sitting down for coffee with a seasoned veteran who’s doling out advice. And as practical and encouraging as he is, he doesn’t hold back when he tells you that this might not be the path for you and that there is no magic secret – just a lot of hard work and persistence.

A nice feature is the series of profiles of self-employed photographers and how they’ve built their businesses – again, their stories are relevant to anybody making their art their business. Other peoples stories always fascinate me.

If you are a photographer making money from your craft, this is a must read. If you’re working in another area of the creative realm, you may still want to pick it up – I’m pretty sure you’ll still find some useful advice and ideas. I know I did! And, there’s some great photography to look at as you read on.

on to the weekend

That’s about it for this week. Still trying to tie up some lose ends on a few things before I announce them. But, this weekend I’m off to do a food photography workshop being held by local food photographer Jackie Connelly. I’m really looking forward to it – it’s something I’ve always been curious about but have little experience with. So until Monday, have a great weekend!