I hope you all enjoyed our interview with Jill Neale earlier in the week.  I know she really got me thinking with a few of her responses and I’ve been mulling them over the past few days.  I can see a couple of future blog posts on the horizon so thanks Jill!

As an aside, we’re always looking for interesting small business owners, freelancers, or self-employed artists and creatives to profile. If you know of anyone who might fit the bill, drop us a line!

This week has been really busy, in part to make up for the time I took off last week to enjoy the Olympic Party. Doing business in this part of the world has been pretty tough the last week and a half with so many distractions on our doorstep and clients and partners alike have been scarce as well! I suspect we’ll all be suffering from a collective post-Olympic party hangover very shortly when we all have to get back to routine!

Having said that, I’m taking this afternoon off and going to check out the Victory Ceremony with Great Big Sea and soak up some more atmosphere (as well as some good ol’ Vancouver rain!)


As an aside, for people in Western Canada on Twitter, I just found out Purdy’s Chocolates is tweeting. What a sweet surprise! I love seeing that purple logo – always makes me want some caramels! You can follow them on twitter @PurdysChocolate.

Have a great weekend everybody. We’ll be back with loads of stuff next week when everyone is more focused!