Friday again! One of the best (and worst!) things that has happened to me since I decided to go out on my own is that the weeks fly by.  It’s good because I’m loving what I do but it’s terrible because… well… how can it be March already???

It seems everyone is back from their Olympic breaks and business has been busy this week – both catching up on existing projects and starting new ones.

new launch

We just completed a project for Vancouver Dentist Directory – helping them with a design wrap for their new directory. They’re getting under way and have just started adding to their listings and we wish them all the best with their new endeavor!

new projects

We’re working on a number of new projects which I’m excited about. Some are being handled by Fine Lime alone but we’re also working in conjunction with partners on a few of them, which I always love. It’s always great to work with a collaborator – you learn a lot and you get exposed to new ideas and new ways of thinking, which is great!

Have a great weekend everyone!