A few weeks ago, on a rather rainy Saturday night during the Olympics, my friend Mat and I headed out to catch some of the free outdoor Olympic concerts that were being held around town. We got cold and wet but the music was great and we had fun.

Some of you have met Mat before – he did a guest post for the FLD blog a few months back. He runs a successful geocaching and teambuilding company in North Vancouver and we often use each other as a sounding board for our business ideas.

On this particular night, I was allowed to bring my big DSLR in to take concert photos. It’s something I’m rarely allowed to do so I was pretty excited and hopeful I’d get a few good concert shots (one of my little photography goals, hehe). My only problem was, I’m just a short 5ft 7 and I was having a hard time shooting above people’s heads! Behind us was a small raised platform with some seats that was roped off. It was empty and it looked perfect – all I wanted was a few shots.

We walked over to it but there was a security person standing next to it and sign saying “Business Lounge”. Noooo Entry for us.

Disappointed we turned away and wandered back to the crowd. Mat turned and looked back at the sign and then turned back to me and said “but… we’re business owners!”

Ummmm… huh?

Do you ever just have one of those moments where something smacks you in the face?

When did I become a business owner??  And when did Mat?  How did that even happen?  Business owners are successful and smart and ummm… grown ups!  And we’re… ummm… well… hehe.

Ok, I think Mat and I are both relatively intelligent and yeah, we’re still newbies at this entrepreneur gig but we’ve both experienced some successes.  It’s just, when did we grow up?   We don’t wear suits, we don’t have office buildings or factories, neither of us has a legion of employees…

It has never really occurred to me before that I am a business owner – or that Mat is.  I always think of us as people who run small businesses – which in my mind is somehow not quite the same.  And yeah, I know that they’re ours but… putting the words “business owners” into a sentence that’s referring to us was just… one of those “OMG” moments!  Yup… OMG… I own a business.  ME.  Weird.

Still… it’s pretty cool.  We’re business owners!  As Mat would say… “wurrd”