Friday again and I mostly have Adobe news in various forms today – I know it’s not for everybody but… I think most people at least use Photoshop in some way or other!

attention all vancouver area photoshop users

If you are even a semi-regular user of Photoshop and you live in the Vancouver area, then I have a great tip for you this week:  Photoshop guru Dave Cross is bringing the Kelby Maximum Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour to Vancouver on June 8th.

Kelby Training and NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) put on phenomenal seminars – I got a huge dose of exposure to what they can do when I attended Photoshop World Las Vegas last fall.  You will learn tons, you will have fun and you will definitely improve your PS skills!  They don’t seem to hit Vancouver regularly at all so if you’re interested in getting more out of Photoshop then take advantage of this stop on the tour!  It’s $99 for a full day – $79 if you have a NAPP membership.  A bargain either way!

adobe cs5 news

This one is for all graphic designers, web designers and developers, artists, photographers, movie makers and pretty much anybody who touches the Adobe Creative Suite in their day to day work. CS5 is on it’s way this spring and you can sneak a peek on April 12th (times vary depending on your time zone) by registering at Adobes CS5 launch page. Feels like CS4 just came out a few months ago!

speaking of cs5 and photoshop

I had a sneak peek of sorts today with a great little video on youtube showing the new ‘content aware’ feature of Photoshop CS5 and I gotta say… pretty impressive and a huge timesaver as well if it really works that easily!

That’s it for this week.  I’m working on an entry on green websites for next week. Not green companies that have websites – but is your web site actually environmentally friendly??  Not an easy question to answer I’m starting to see!

Have a great weekend!