Hiya all!  It’s Friday and the week blew by again.  Long weekends will do that to you.

So lets get at it.  I promise if you are a creative person in any discipline you will be excited by my first little gem.

chase jarvis makes my heart go pitter patter once again

Yeah, I so have a little crush on all that this guy does. He just gets it. Yesterday, photographer Chase Jarvis announced the launch of CreativeLIVE, a new, online, creative education channel.  Classes will range from photography (of course!), fine arts, design, software (like the new Adobe CS5 suite!) as well as some programming.

Oh… and did I mention it’s free??  That’s right… any live broadcast you watch is free.  If you want to access their archives, download the material to your computer or if you miss a class,  then you’ll have to pay.  But, anything live is free.  I’ve seen the instructors he has lined up for the photography side of things and they’re some of the best in the industry.

I’m pretty excited about this – I’ve already registered for their series of classes on what’s new in Adobe CS5!  I think this is a great idea for the creative community.

You can check out Chase’s blog for more info.

logo madness

I’ve always been fascinated by logos, logo design and popular culture so when I stumbled on a link for the Oscar winner for best animated short for 2009, I couldn’t believe I’d missed it!

Logorama is a very clever and funny film and the detail in it is amazing.  I’ll need to watch it again because I know I missed a ton of stuff.  Check it out on the 99Designs blog.  **Word of warning… it’s animated but it’s not for the wee folk you might have running around.

but it will be a great “opportunity” for you

If you’re in a creative field, I’m sure you’ve heard this before… somebody comes to you wanting you to design a logo, take a photo, make them some jewellery, do a sketch.  It’s exciting and flattering that they’ve shown an interest in your work.

The catch?  They want you to do it for free.  There is usually the promise of paid work later if you do this freebie for them or they will give you lots of referrals and… my personal favourite… it will be great for your portfolio.

Well, here is a hilarious Craig’s List ad and an even funnier response that you might want to use next time this happens.  It’s classic.

That’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend!