The hazards of a creative mind… sometimes I think they are many.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with too much curiosity – is that possible?  It feels like it to me.  Can a person have too many interests?

It’s a funny thing, working for yourself.  How on the one hand, you need to be extremely disciplined but, the ultimate catch 22 being that what attracted me to working for myself in the first place was the freedom to choose my direction and the path (or labyrinth, as the case may be) to get there.

I am anal in the sense of deadlines.  I can’t stand being late for project milestones, or client appointments.  Which, really, is a very good thing when it comes to running a business.  Give me a deadline and I can focus for hours at a time and keep on track.

And yet, when there is a free moment or two, my brain gets pulled so easily in so many new and interesting directions – something I’m struggling with a lot the last few weeks.  When you work in a creative field, it can be hard to stay fresh and inspired.  When you work in a creative and technical field, not only is there the struggle to stay inspired and have a well stocked pantry of ideas, but the technology to produce and display those ideas changes on what sometimes feels like a daily basis.

The floor next to my bed is covered with a stack of books where I have skimmed a few chapters of each – just enough to get me thinking of things I want to do, give me ideas of things I can incorporate into my work.  Under my desk is an equally high stack of magazines with colour combinations I love, interesting design ideas, new software to try…I have notebooks all over the place full of scribbles of things I must look into, research or bookmark for when the right client comes along for that little nugget.  And never mind surfing the web…

And so, sometimes I wonder, is it all too much?  Should I just stop?  Focus?  Instead of bits and pieces everywhere, should I pick one or two things (or maybe three or four) and carry those ideas to fruition?  Or take them far enough to know they’re not right for me?

Right now it feels like a giant buffet where you take a tiny taste of each but never really feel full.

Do any of you have the same problem?  How do you find focus?  Or do you find that wandering to be essential to keeping the creative juices flowing?  I’d love to hear your thoughts