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an anniversary

The other day, while I was working, a thought occurred to me out of the blue that made me look up in shock at the calendar: I missed my one year anniversary of working entirely for myself! I always thought that would be a milestone I’d be looking towards impatiently and I completely missed it!  […]

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back up

Sometimes us creative type people can ignore some pretty important business details – not necessarily because we don’t think they’re important but because we just don’t think of them.  So today’s post is on thinking about backup plans. I have a standard clause in my contracts that allows me to terminate a relationship with a […]

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so you’re looking for a new job…

Several times a month I get approached via email by somebody who would like to work for me.  At first it was kinda cool.  Hey! Somebody wants to work for me!  Now, not so much. That might sound very unappreciative or arrogant but let me explain. Virtually every inquiry I get from people looking for […]

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adjusting to a new life

Today’s post is a little more on the personal side than usual but I’ve decided to go ahead and write it because I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to go through this. I’ve been a little gloomy the last few weeks and I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out why.  […]

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