FBC – Food Bloggers of Canada
FBC – Food Bloggers of Canada
FBC – Food Bloggers of Canada
FBC – Food Bloggers of Canada

FBC – Food Bloggers of Canada

FBC, aka Food Bloggers of Canada had experienced tremendous growth over the past two years, from a small member based community of a few hundred to a much larger group of over 1200 users.  Their backend was tired and struggling and their front end design wasn’t working hard for them.  They needed some work done.

The project included a migration from their existing membership software to S2Member software, giving them a more robust membership component and allowing them to tap into better reporting tools as well as prepare them for future expansion projects.  The membership profiles were revamped and allow for greater information to be shared and a new, interactive and searchable membership directory was created.

The front-end redesign was streamlined and made more visual, with photo based archives that encourage browsing, a home page that’s highly customizable in terms of content display and advertising opportunities and opportunities to promote their social networks, specifically their pinterest community.  The overall design better reinforces the organization’s overall branding and goals.

For an even more detailed look at the project you can review this post on the FBC redesign.

Project Components

  • Woo Canvas customization with child theme
  • heavily customized home page with custom plug-ins to allow for easy rotation of featured content
  • ability to easily fine tune the content that appears on the homepage and easily change it to encourage browsing
  • custom built home page plugins to allow for custom ad spots within the content
  • implementation of the S2Member plug-in with significant customization for reporting purposes
  • migration of membership from Wishlist to S2Member
  • interactive, searchable and sortable membership directory
  • new, custom designed public membership profiles allowing for members to share more information
  • a shop page to feature books, services and products that FBC Members have produced
  • cleaner, streamlined design with new fonts and interface
  • visual archives to make it easier for members to find the content they’re looking for and to encourage browsing

This project was completed with programming and development assistance from dazil internet and Wakefield Web Works.

February 2014