Side Projects

Side projects are what I get up to, to stay out of trouble.  I’m pretty passionate about them and they help keep me sane.  Here’s a few other places you can find me.

Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

My personal blog, Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach, is all about trying to figure out the mysteries of food photography.  My obsession started when I took a photo of a spicy squid in a Vancouver sushi restaurant and thought it looked like a heart.  I posted it to flickr and it became my first photo to ever make flickr explore.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

You can visit me over there where I ramble on about my food and photography adventures and throw in a lot of stories about my dog, food styling, post processing photos in Lightroom, buying bargain food photo props and attempting to fulfill my quest to find the world’s best Mac n Cheese.  I also bake a lot of cookies over there and hit the Vancouver restaurant and food truck scene with my Food Husband, Sean.

Food Bloggers of Canada

Food Bloggers of Canada is a membership based community I created alongside of Ethan Adeland and Mardi Michels.  We wanted to give Canadian food bloggers a place to call home where they could network, have access to Canadian resources, and learn how to grow their blogs.  At the same time, we try to bring them unique opportunities to work with brands, each other, and raise their blogging profiles.

We hosted Canada’s first national food blogging conference in April 2013 at Hockley Valley Resort just outside of Toronto – it was a resounding success.  Everyone wore their stretchy pants.