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so you’re looking for a new job…

Several times a month I get approached via email by somebody who would like to work for me.  At first it was kinda cool.  Hey! Somebody wants to work for me!  Now, not so much. That might sound very unappreciative or arrogant but let me explain. Virtually every inquiry I get from people looking for [...]

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a few words on what not to do with social media

Social Media: better known as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, My Space etc by most of us.  Are you using it?   What about flickr or you tube? Chances are good that most of you are using at least one of the ones I’ve mentioned.  But are you being smart about it? I’ll be blunt… given some [...]

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get out, get out, get out there!

Sometimes, when you work from home or alone in a studio, it becomes very easy to insulate yourself without even realizing it.  Even when you start to go squirrely from lack of contact, often you’ll reach out to what you know: family, friends, colleagues… It’s easy to forget the importance of making the effort to [...]

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beware the blackberry

Late yesterday afternoon, I was having a conversation with a very close friend that turned into a bad misunderstanding with him hurt and angry and me in tears feeling like the world’s most horrible friend. How did it happen?  Blackberries.  Yup.  Blackberry Messenger Service.   The whole conversation was in text message. It got me thinking.  [...]

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