Well hello!

If you’re here that probably means you’re looking for some web help.  We can do that!

Fine Lime Designs is a boutique design firm that specializes in WordPress web design.  You can read more about all the services we provide but the gist of it is, we love small businesses and bloggers who are passionate about what they do and want to grow.  We want to help!

But here’s a little bit about us:

Where Are We?

We’re based in Vancouver, BC, Canada but we work with clients all over the world.  Usually we do that via Skype, email and the phone but hey, if you want to fly us to Hawaii for your project, we won’t argue!

Our Philosophy

We believe in collaboration, standards based web design, and having fun, all while creating something functional and beautiful.

We do a lot of listening and ask a lot of questions.  Learn more about our process and what to expect when we work with you.

Who Are We?

Fine Lime Designs is owned by designer Melissa Hartfiel but she works with a very talented team of fellow freelancers.  Between them they have all the bases covered from front end to back end and everything in between. Design? Check! Development? Check! Copywriting? Check!

Melissa Hartfiel

Melissa Hartfiel

Melissa is the owner of Fine Lime and the chief creative gal in these parts.  She grew up messing around with crayons, writing stories and cutting out scraps to make collages of “stuff”.  Now  she does the same but with cooler toys and technology!

Melissa started out by managing and doing community marketing for a retail small business and then moved on to designing and developing front end user web interfaces for retail business intelligence applications in the retail drug industry.  She is as passionate about small business as she is about design.

She holds an Arts degree from Simon Fraser University and a Media Arts Associate Certificate from BCIT.

When she’s not designing websites, writing, cooking or mucking around outside with her slobbery lovable Labrador, Sam, you can find her behind the lens of her trusty camera.  She’s an avid photographer, specializing in food, and authors the food photography blog Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach. Her photographs have appeared in The National Post, as well as  Mexico Tourism, Telus World of Science (Calgary) and University of the Fraser Valley promotional materials.

In 2011 she co-founded Food Bloggers of Canada  with Ethan and Mardi, where she looks after design and technology.

Here are a few places you can find her on the web:

If you still can’t find her, she’s probably shoe shopping.