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friday few – it’s been a while!

I haven’t done a Friday Few in ages.  But I’m back with a vengeance this week! vancouverites only – circle craft This one is just for my fellow Vancouverites.  It is that time of year again except… it’s a week later than usual.  The 37th Annual Circle Craft Christmas Market is on this weekend.  Every [...]

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do you have a green website?

The other day, I was skimming through my latest copy of Practical Web Design and a letter to the editor caught my eye.  The writer had been checking out some Flash based websites while watching the processor on his computer and he noticed that some of them were causing his processor to run at 100%! [...]

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friday few: week 4

Friday came fast this week. It’s been a busy week for me professionally and personally and it snuck up on me! So, this will be an abbreviated version of the Friday Few. we have a winner folks! First things first! We have a winner in our E-Myth giveaway. Meghan was our only entry so she [...]

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opportunity knocks, should i answer?

There are a million books out there about starting up your own business.  Every community seems to have resources to help you through the process as well.  I’ve read them all, attended every conference and tried every angle.  It is all very wise and useful advice and I’ve tried to make use of all of [...]

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