February is all about Valentine’s Day. Work ahead with these February email newsletter ideas for food bloggers and food content creators.

However you feel about Valentine’s day, there’s no escaping it when you’re a food content creator! There’s just not that much going on in February. We’re still well into winter in the northern hemisphere with few options for seasonal produce and the busy food holiday season behind us.

But, there are other things put in your emails and you can write about Valentine’s day in a way that works for you and your audience.


Easter is early in 2024 with Good Friday landing on March 29th and Easter Sunday following on March 31st. You could start to slowly drip Easter content out in your newsletters as early as the last week of February if Easter is a popular holiday for your blog.

Ramadan is expected to run from March 10 – April 9th in 2024. You can also start to drip out Ramadan content in late February if this is popular content for your audience.


There are multiple ways you can write about Valentine’s Day when it comes to food.

  1. Make it about the kids – focus on school treats or a special dessert or movie night at home
  2. Create Valentine’s day dinner menus from your recipe catalogue
    • family dinners
    • decadent romantic dinners for two
    • budget friendly romantic dinners
  3. Chocolate – desserts, how to make your own, making them together, taking a class
  4. Wine pairings – for that dinner menu you created above! Or how to set up a tasting at home
  5. Galentine’s day – a great alternate take on Valentine’s day. How to throw a girl’s night party and all the food the goes with it
  6. The anti-valentine – if Valentine’s day is really not you thing, embrace that too. You can talk about that with your readers and what you do instead (if anything) I guarantee you’ll have some agreeing with you!
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Groceries are expensive right now and, according to recent projections, they’re not going to drop in price any time soon. You don’t have to be a budget-friendly content creator to see that.

Incorporate that into your content in whatever way fits your audience: ingredient swaps, minimizing food waste, tutorials, shopping tips, pantry planning. It might be as simple as just acknowledging that you recognize shopping is challenging for a lot of people right now.


In a similar vein to budget conscious content, pantry challenges can be a great option this time of year when seasonal produce isn’t amazing.

  • Focus on recipes that use canned foods, frozen foods and pantry staples
  • challenge readers to “shop their pantry”
  • talk about the importance or rotating food to avoid waste – February is a great time for a pantry cleanup
  • using the food in our emergency kits and restocking them (more food rotation)


  • citrus
  • kale
  • cabbage
  • leeks
  • pineapple
  • mushrooms
  • forced rhubarb
  • root veggies


As always, these are ideas to help you brainstorm. Adapt them to fit your audience and your niche, which you know better than anyone else.

Remember that your email audience may be different from the audience that finds you through search.

Focus on what your newsletter subscribers respond to. If you have the data available in your newsletter marketing platform, look at which content they responded to this time last year. Then create newsletter content that’s a good fit.!

Now’s the time to get started. Plan out your February newsletter calendar and batch write your emails. Schedule them and you’re good to go!

** remember that you cannot use your direct Amazon affiliate product links in your emails but you can link to blog posts that contain Amazon affiliate links and you can link to your Amazon influencer shop. Check the rules of any other affiliate programs you use before including your links.

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