February Email Newsletter Ideas For Food Bloggers

February Email Newsletter Ideas For Food Bloggers

February is all about Valentine’s Day. Work ahead with these February email newsletter ideas for food bloggers and food content creators.

However you feel about Valentine’s day, there’s no escaping it when you’re a food content creator! There’s just not that much going on in February. We’re still well into winter in the northern hemisphere with few options for seasonal produce and the busy food holiday season behind us.

But, there are other things put in your emails and you can write about Valentine’s day in a way that works for you and your audience.

Valentine’s Day

There are multiple ways you can write about Valentine’s Day when it comes to food.

  1. Make it about the kids – focus on school treats or a special dessert or movie night at home
  2. Create Valentine’s day dinner menus from your recipe catalogue
    • family dinners
    • decadent romantic dinners for two
    • budget friendly romantic dinners
  3. Chocolate – desserts, how to make your own, making them together, taking a class
  4. Wine pairings – for that dinner menu you created above! Or how to set up a tasting at home
  5. Galentine’s day – a great alternate take on Valentine’s day. How to throw a girl’s night party and all the food the goes with it
  6. The anti-valentine – if Valentine’s day is really not you thing, embrace that too. You can talk about that with your readers and what you do instead (if anything) I guarantee you’ll have some agreeing with you!

Budget Conscious Content

Groceries are expensive right now and, according to recent projections, they’re not going to drop in price any time soon. You don’t have to be a budget-friendly content creator to see that.

Incorporate that into your content in whatever way fits your audience: ingredient swaps, minimizing food waste, tutorials, shopping tips, pantry planning. It might be as simple as just acknowledging that you recognize shopping is challenging for a lot of people right now.

Pantry Challenges

In a similar vein to budget conscious content, pantry challenges can be a great option this time of year when seasonal produce isn’t amazing.

  • Focus on recipes that use canned foods, frozen foods and pantry staples
  • challenge readers to “shop their pantry”
  • talk about the importance or rotating food to avoid waste – February is a great time for a pantry cleanup
  • using the food in our emergency kits and restocking them (more food rotation)

What’s in Season:

  • citrus
  • kale
  • cabbage
  • leeks
  • pineapple
  • mushrooms
  • forced rhubarb
  • root veggies

Now’s the time to get started. Plan out your February newsletter calendar and batch write your emails. Schedule them and you’re good to go!

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October Newsletter Ideas For Food Bloggers

October Newsletter Ideas For Food Bloggers

October is just the start of the busy holiday season. Work ahead with these October email newsletter ideas for food bloggers and food content creators.

October is where things in the food blogging world really start to get busy! Yes, Halloween is a big celebration and people start planning early for that. Now is the time to be sharing that Halloween content in your newsletters.

But… don’t forget some other really important dates.

Canadian Thanksgiving

If you have a sizable Canadian audience, don’t forget, Canadian Thanksgiving is actually one of the first major food holidays on the fall calendar. It’s always the second Monday of October.


Diwali – or the festival of lights – is another holiday to look out for – it changes from year to year (while it is a multi-day festival, the main date this year October 24th) but it’s one of the biggest holidays in Indian culture and many people of Indian descent in North America will be celebrating!


October is a big month for spectator sports. It’s the start of the NHL and NBA seasons, the NFL and college football are underway and it’s the run up to the World Series. That leads up to tailgate season, entertaining around televised sports and… snacks!


And of course, that leads us to the big one: Halloween. Every year it seems to be bigger than the last! People are planning parties, sending treats to school and trying to figure out what to eat for dinner (and when to eat it) on the big day… how can you make their lives easier?

Focus On Your Email Audience

How you proceed with your emails for October will depend on your audience. You know them better than anyone else. Remember that your email audience may be different from the audience that finds you through search.

Focus on what your newsletter subscribers respond to. If you have the data available in your newsletter marketing platform, look at which content they responded to last fall. Then create newsletter content that’s a good fit. If your audience doesn’t care about sports, skip the sports content!

October Email Newsletter Ideas for Food Content Creators

  • Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Diwali
  • Sports themed appetizers and party food
  • Tailgating ideas
  • Comfort Food
    • casseroles
    • roast dinners
    • hearty soups
    • pastas
    • fast and easy weeknight comfort food
  • Seasonal October produce:
    • cranberries
    • pears
    • root veggies
    • squash and pumpkin
    • apples
  • Pies
    • blackberry
    • apple
    • pumpkin

Now’s the time to get started. Plan out your October newsletter calendar and batch write your emails. Schedule them and you’re good to go!

A Super Simple Way To Market Your Digital Products

A Super Simple Way To Market Your Digital Products

All digital products require consistent marketing to keep sales coming in. Here is a super simple way to to market your ebooks, printables or digital courses that isn’t too sales-y. (PS it also works for physical products!)

So… you’ve created this new digital product. Maybe it’s an ebook, or a downloadable printable. Or a digital course.

You’ve funneled time, money and energy into it and it’s perfect. It’s packed with helpful, practical information and tips. It’s beautiful to look at. And you just know it’s exactly what your people need to make their lives or businesses better.

There’s just one problem.

Nobody’s buying it.

Almost everyone who has launched a digital product has experienced this and it can be, at best, frustrating. At its worst, it can be a blow to your self-confidence and make you wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing.

One Key Thing You Need to Know About Selling Any Product or Service

Before you get too down on things it’s really important to know that most customers, or potential customers, require at least 7 touch points with your product before they’ll purchase. This is a key takeaway to factor into your digital product marketing plans! (oh and it also works for physical products!)

If you share your new product on Instagram , Facebook and Tik Tok once each, that’s 3 touch points…sort of.

If you have different audiences on each platform, it may only be once touch point for each of them…. maybe. If they didn’t see your post (because, algorithms) then it’s actually zero touch points!

Now you’re starting to see just how much marketing you’ll need to do to hit 7 touch points with most of your customers. You need to be promoting your new ebook constantly and consistently.

But what if you don’t want to be too sales-y?

I get it. It feels weird and awkward and even you get sick of hearing yourself talk about your new baby.

So here’s a super simple tip that takes very little effort and helps you get eyeballs regularly on your products.

Promote Your Digital Products to Your Email List In Every Newsletter

Before you groan, this is not as sales- y as it sounds.

Here’s what you are NOT going to do:

  • you are NOT going to go on and on about your product in each newsletter
  • it is NOT going to be the first thing, or even the second or third thing you talk about
  • you are NOT going to annoy your subscribers

Here’s What You ARE going to do:

  • Create 3-4 different graphics for each product you have. Aim for about 640px wide by 200px high – about the width of your newsletter
  • Your graphics should show an image of the product (a book cover, the logo for your course etc) and have a small amount of text encouraging people to buy
  • Insert one of the graphics into the bottom of your next newletter, just above your sign off – like an ad!
  • Make sure the graphic links to somewhere they can buy the product
  • If you like, you can also write a short paragraph blurb highlighting a great feature or benefit of your product. If you do this, make sure you include a text link so they can buy
  • Add a button that says something like “GET YOURS NOW” or “BUY NOW”. Buttons convert well in emails – better than images and text links
  • Rotate your graphics each week so they don’t see the same image every week.
  • If you have multiple products, rotate the product you feature each month – if you can tie it into the theme of your newsletter or a key point in your newsletter that’s even better.

By doing this, you’re not in your subscribers faces each week. You’re not pushing them to buy.

You’re simply reminding them that you have this product and, when they’re ready, it’s there waiting for them.

You also need to remember that each week, you have new subscribers who have never seen your product before. They are starting from zero touch points!

You’ll still need to regularly promote your products on social media and to your network but that’s a tip for another day!

In the meantime, add these graphics into your rotation and it’s a very simple way to market your books, products and courses every week to the people who are most likely to buy from you!

September Newsletter Ideas for Food Bloggers

September Newsletter Ideas for Food Bloggers

Start prepping for the fall with these easy September email newsletter ideas for food bloggers and food content creators.

As we get ready to head into the fall, all you food content creators know that this is just the beginning of what is usually, your busiest season of the year. And it all starts with September!

If you’ve been neglecting your newsletter subscribers, now is the time to show them some love. You want them to be interested and full of anticipation for how you’re going to help them get through the next four months as they head back to school or work, look forward to Thanksgiving and Halloween and start to plan their holiday season.

This is the time of year where food plays a crucial roll and everyone has a lot to do! How can you start to make things easier for your most engaged audience members?

Focus On Your Email Audience

Start with September! There is no shortage of email topics this month. Below are some general September food newsletter ideas. Use them for inspiration but make sure that you niche them down and adapt them for your audience.

For example: lunchbox ideas. These don’t just have to apply to school lunches. Adults head back to work after vacation. Some are going back to the office for the first time in a few years. They need lunches too. Your audience might be looking for budget friendly hacks or maybe they’re vegan, or don’t eat dairy or they follow a keto diet. Take the lunchbox idea and adapt it to fit your content and audience.

September Email Newsletter Ideas for Food Content Creators

  • grab ‘n’ go breakfasts or snacks
  • school snacks (skip the nuts)
  • don’t forget after school snacks before heading to activities or sports
  • lunchbox ideas (for kids and adults)
  • fast and easy weeknight diners
  • classic but easy cookies (lunchbox or cookie jar favourites)
  • September produce (and what to do with it)
    • corn
    • tomatoes
    • blackberries
    • apples
    • pears
    • carrots
    • beets
    • potatoes
    • squash
  • meal planning basics
  • grocery budgeting for the holidays
  • Canadian Thanksgiving – don’t forget that Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October every year

Now’s the time to get started. Plan out your September newsletter calendar and batch write your emails. Schedule them and you’re good to go!